Tuesday, 27 September 2011

[Tutorial] Update Samsung E2222 Ch@t 222 Firmware

Are you thinking which mobile is yours? Is it Samsung E2222 or Samsung Cha@t 222? And to which this tutorial belongs to? Don't worry, since the tutorial belongs to both these models. Both are same. So here's the tutorial for flashing / updating Samsung E222 / Ch@t 222.

Firmware Update Process:
  1. - First you have to install USB drivers by click on Setup.exe inside this Folder: Sunstone_V5_00_0_1_WHQLed
  2. - Power on the phone and connect USB cable to it and to PC to let Windows install its drivers.
  3. - Turn off the phone and connect USB cable to it and to PC to let Windows install its drivers.
  4. - Run the E2222 Ch@t Flasher: Flash loader 7.4.7_SSG_v0.1_Lite.exe
  5. - Click SET MODEL button and select: E2222_TEXTO_Setting_v00.mdl
  6. - For Application Binary File select: E2222xx.ptt
  7. - For Tfs file select: E2222xxxxx.tfs
  8. - For CSC file select: E2222Oxxxxx.csc
  9. - Turn off the phone and connect USB to it while pressing Q + A keys to install DFU mode drivers.
  10. - Disconnect the phone after DFU drivers installed.
  11. - Click START button and reconnect USB cable to phone while pressing Q + A keys.
  12. - The program will detect it and start the Update Process so wait till all is DONE.
  13. - Disconnect the phone and turn it on then do Full reset: *2767*3855#

Original Firmwares for Samsung E2222 Ch@t2222:



  1. Hello.
    I need polish lang for E2222. I have two firmwares: E2222JPKE2 and E2222XEKD4, but without polish lang. Have You other firmwares? andre.majewski@ovi.com

  2. Sorry buddy. Its not available in polish language. If I get it. I'll notify it on the blog for sure.

  3. Hola! Queria saber si me pueden mandar este firmware original del samsung chat 222 a mi correo: choche_corrales@hotmail.com ... Gracias

  4. hey bro my name is vicke
    i flash my nokia 3110c 3 to 4 times but after that when i flash Phoenix says boot rom was not dectected or unable to set phone in flash mode.....plzzz plzzz help me...

    1. Sorry for such a late reply. The blog was inactive during this time. I have uploaded another tutorial. Just visit http://www.mobschematics.tk/2012/08/flah-dead-nokia-phones.html

      It is given for dead nokia phones, but u can also flash non-dead phones as well. Just remove the check at dead phones while flashing. That's it.

    2. What update is this? Is it official? and is there a way to update without Full reset? What does this update of the phone?

  5. d ko po ma set up email ko on my samsung E2222

  6. my phone e2222 samsung restarts everytime and cant able to come in dfu mode is there is any alternative to flash my phone?

  7. the drivers are not available anymore

  8. no ptt file in folder and sunstone cant install.

  9. The download link is broken. Please email me the firmware for samsung GT-E2222. My email is gchisi@yandex.ua

  10. Please I need the csc file and the tft files. The download didnt have them. gchisi@yandex.ua